Art Hoe Aesthetic Achieved

Penn State weather never ceases to stop surprising me. Last week, we had a series of bright and sunny days in the 60s. Come Saturday night, I was walking home in a sweater, shivering, as powdery white snow flakes fell from the sky. 

This week has been in the 30s, and while I was annoyed for a bit, it gave me an excuse to break out my ShopMinu sweater again, a piece I simply can’t get enough of. I mean, can you blame me? The sweater is undeniably art hoe aesthetic goals.

To maximize the art hoe aesthetic (don’t worry, I’m judging myself for saying that, too), I paired it with some mom jeans of the acid wash variety and my trusty clean white sneaks from Vans.    

Good news for you guys, though! If you’re interested in owning your very own ~art hoe~ sweater, or just checking out all the wonderful and amazing things that ShopMinu has to offer, head to ShopMinu and use code “annabelle” for 10%. The sweater is actually on sale right now, too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok well that’s it for my first outfit post! Many thanks to the ever lovely and wonderful Michelle’s instagram for taking these pics for me~

Drop me a comment below! What are your thoughts on the “art hoe” aesthetic? Are as obsessed with this sweater as I am? Also, let me know what you’re up to if you’re on spring break, too! I’m in NYC all week interning for the Tab, and I’m so excited to come back with new Instagram material and a blog post about everything I do there.


much love, friends!




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