Refocusing myself and JORD Watches

Life has been hectic beyond hectic this past month, and a friend recently helped me realize that a great deal of my stress was the direct result of my participation and efforts in things I simply did not want to do. I do this to myself a lot—join something because I think it will be worthwhile, say yes to something and take on responsibilities because I want to give it a shot, because it might be worth it in the end…

Sometimes, though, it’s not worth it.

I realized that I was pushing my blog off to the side, when really, this is something I want to pursue. I love content creation, whether that’s writing a blog post, taking photos of someone or something, or having my photos taken for Instagram. Sometimes, I feel silly for spending so much time planning out my photos, editing them, writing hashtags, etc., but I actually enjoy all this. I even bought Planoly to make Instagram planning easier. Blogging is something I love, from the writing to the photographs, to posting on Instagram and replying to your comments….

A rare moment of calmness during last month

Part of what helped me realize this was my recent partnership with JORD Watches. This partnership has honestly meant more to me than receiving and trying out their watch; it was a big step for me that showed me where I could take my blog if I actually dedicated more time and effort to it.

I’ve never been for watches, but when JORD reached out to me, I had to say yes. I’ve seen other influencers with their watches and they’re undeniably beautiful.


I prefer simple jewelry, especially considering that my daily wear is relatively casual, so I chose JORD’s Frankie watch in koa and ash. JORD has separate collections for men and for women, but I love the unisex look of the Frankie watch. If you need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, JORD is the perfect place to look, and the Frankie watch will work whether your significant other is a guy, girl, or doesn’t even believe in the gender binary.

When I received my watch, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The presentation was so beautiful that I literally gasped when I opened the package. (If I had witnesses I’d ask them to confirm, but alas, I was alone.)

My watch came in a beautiful wooden box, complete with a little drawer containing a cloth to clean the watch’s face, extra adjustment pieces, and a pamphlet detailing care and the warranty. The watch also came with a “preserve” solution to help keep the wood in top notch quality.

Swear to God, I gasped when I saw this packaging. It’s so beautiful!

I slipped the watch on and fell in love. JORD fits your watch for you, and mine fit me like a glove. The face has a beautiful light brown color that pairs wonderfully with the brown wood. Speaking of wood—Some watches and jewelry get really cold because they’re made of metal or something, so putting them on can startle you sometimes. JORD makes their watches out of wood, so that’s never an issue. It’s the little things, you know?

I pair my watch with a lot of different outfits, including my class outfits. A lot of my friends have seen it, as a result, and the number of compliments I’ve received from them continues to surprise me. A lot of them were intrigued by the fact that it’s made of wood, while others simply appreciated how it looked.


My JORD watch has become something I wear often, regardless of the occasion. I wear it to class, to meetings, to formal parties, etc. I saw it sitting out while I was getting dressed for a Valentine’s Day date and slid it on, wondering why I hadn’t planned on incorporating it earlier. I really regret not getting outfit pics from Valentine’s Day to be honest, but the ones here will hopefully show you why I’m so obsessed with the quality and versatility of this watch.

Watch Gift Ideas


I’m so glad JORD reached out to me. Not only am I in love with my watch, doing it reminded me of the opportunities I have if I allow myself to explore blogging. I wrote this post far later than I expected after putting it off time and time again because of all my exams, homework, meetings, events, etc.

I thought that I should focus on other things, because my blog is just “my blog.” But in reality, a lot of the things I put this post off for weren’t worth it. I finally dropped some things and am re-focusing on what I want to do. JORD is something I want to do, and blogging is something I want to do. Let’s see where that takes me, I suppose.

much love, friends!~




Outfit deets:

  • Similar jeans by Pacsun here and here
  • Similar Pacsun velvet bodysuit here
  • Similar ASOS Chelsea boots here
  • Choker from Amazing here
  • JORD Frankie watch here


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  1. I do the same thing where I agree to things and then later realize, “Errr… maybe that wasn’t really worth it” I think we just have the best hope that it will lead to something worthwhile and try to see the good in it. Sigh, we’ll get better at it. That aside I’m glad you said yes to that watch because it is too cute. Love it on you and think it compliments you so well!!

    Danielle | ❤

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  2. Loved this girl! You shared your heart and highlighted a product you believe in at the same time. This was well written and I’m glad you are realizing what matters to you! Blessings on your new adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, I’m head-over-heels in love with Jord. Such a lovely piece of function and fashion at the same time!

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  4. I love seeing other bloggers reveal their heart and soul as I find that it makes them appear more human, and not out of reach. I have been in the same situation many times over, and am slowly breaking of that. I’m so glad you are refocusing and getting back on track. That watch is super super gorgeous and it really suits you, and I think it will be a reminder item for you as well when you put it back on. Awesome post lovely and love your blog! x

    Style & Life by Susana –

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  5. I like reading this kind of post because I know something about you as a person and not just a blogger..




  6. First of all I am loving that outfit. Velvet is seriously my thing. Your Jord watch is also so cute. I love there watches. Blogging can be hard and a lot of work. I love it though it is so rewarding.

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  7. That watch is just gorgeous and I love that it’s made of wood; so different. I definitely can relate to putting off blogging for other things, that just are worth it in the end. Loved the post and the photos! 😀

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  8. I can really relate to this post. I sometimes find myself agreeing to things I don’t really want to do or don’t enjoy and end up completely wasting my time.

    The JORD watch is stunning, and would look amazing with any outfit. Such a good post and I enjoyed reading. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Chelsea! I think all of us have trouble with that, and learning to cut out things you don’t enjoy really makes life so much easier, but it’s so hard to do, sometimes!
      The JORD watch is probably my favorite accessory right now, actually! I’m glad you liked it, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following!

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