Back to School

hi friends!

It’s been awhile since my first post but I HAVE RESURRECTED after a crazy busy first week back at school. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to.

I spent the week attending classes and class meetings, going to work at Cafe Wow (I work at a bubble tea shop!) and squeezing in photos left and right whenever I had a moment. My schedule was honestly the most packed I’ve ever seen it. Looking at it even now stresses me out.

Last week was the first time I did a post on a guy. I had my friend Phil model for me, as he’s consistently dressed better than every guy here at Penn State. Be on the lookout for that article! I’ll have it up on Insta, as always.


Besides that article, I also got photos for my Style Guru Bio, thanks to my dear friend Alice. Honestly, I didn’t put a lot of thought into the outfit, as I woke up kind of late that day and had no time to change before we met up. So I must warn y’all, don’t try to imitate that outfit, as I seriously regret the pink sneaks with the velvet. As much I love those shoes and the velvet, they are NOT meant to be worn together. Don’t know what I was thinking.

Loving crushed velvet right now. It glistens in the sunlight!

School wise, I’m so excited to finally be a PR/Advertising major! For those of you who don’t know me, I was previously majoring in SODA, or Social Data Analytics. The major combines data science with political science, and honestly, it sounded really cool in theory, but I’ve come to realize that my passions are in marketing and PR. So far, the classes feel much more up my alley.

Ok so these shoes are some of my favorites, in fact I’m wearing them as I type this, but they look SO BAD with this outfit! Do not recommend!!!

Going along with marketing, I am excited to say that I’m now the Marketing Lead for What’s Poppin! What’s Poppin is a brand new startup here at Penn State that helps students discover inspiring, engaging events. As someone who seriously dislikes the sports culture here at PSU, WP is an amazing way for me to find events that I would actually enjoy, such as poetry clams and comedy shows. I snapped photos of everyone on the team, along with some material for our Instagram and other social media that I now run. I’m admittedly quite proud of our Instagram right now.

Posted this as a grid on Insta. First time ever doing that!

So what’s coming up on the blog now that I’m starting to settle into a routine? Well…

  1. USmooth sent over some amazing hair products for me to test out last week. I’ve loved them so far, and will have a blog post up about them next week!
  2. JORD has offered me the chance to work with them! They’re sending me a beautiful watch in the mail and are also providing ALL of my followers with a GIVEAWAY! Be on the lookout for that on my Instagram, as you will receive a huge discount on one of their beautiful watches if you win! Definitely check their men and women’s watches. 
  3. I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of Influenster’s next VoxBox, the L’Oréal Paris Color Vibrancy Intensive VoxBox. I just received an email that I have a package to pick up, so hopefully that’s it…
  4. You may have seen on my Instagram that I’m a promoter for ShopMinu (Instagram here, website here). I received the most amazing sweater from them over Winter Break and am going to put up an outfit post sometime featuring it! The sweater is maximum art hoe and a lot of my friends have asked where I got it, so I figure it’s about time to feature it! (PS: Use my code, annabelle (all lowercase) for 10% off a purchase! They always offer free shipping, as well)

Ok lovelies! That’s it for now. Back to drowning in work and school, I suppose.

much love,




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  1. The velvet top is insanely pretty, loving the texture so much lately!

    shelley xoxo

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